Why am I writing?

Dear blog,

Wondering why am I here after so long when I literally just let you die? Btw, sorry for that but I can’t promise it won’t happen again. Now don’t be angry. I might not be regular out here but I am not going to let you die. Not this time. Technically, you would if I request WordPress to do it but we won’t be taking that route now, would we?

So why am I here you ask? Well, for one, I missed you! I was talking to your aunt, Miss diary and she reminded me how much fun we two had in the past. Since the nostalgia was too much for me to bear, I signed up for a writing class and jumped right here to meet you. Man, you look even younger then when we first met. Younger but more mature I hope. *wink

So many things have happened since we last met, I can’t wait to tell you all about them. And guess what, I bought a new phone! Yes, the one I always had my eyes on. My heart weeped handing out my hard earned money to the cashier but then, when I held my baby in my arms, I could only feel my heart swelling with pride with all the love of a new mom. I absolutely love this baby.

And do you know our favourite blogger is back on her blog. Yay! So excited!

Oh! It’s already been 15 mins? Time sure flies by. Okay, I need to get back now. Be good and I will be back tomorrow with something new to share.

Bye Bye! And take care.


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